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Our Story

Once there was a busy family with 4 very active and imaginative kids. Each child wanted to be a different character from their sibling. They wanted to be able to have great movement for their play, be able to dress quickly and they wanted it all NOW.

Mum and Dad wanted to have costumes that were hard wearing, easy to wash (Mum did not want or have the time to do any hand washing), easy to put on (with 4 children all wanting to get dressed at the same time, independent dressing was a must) and clothes that would last through ALL of the children.

So Mum got out her sewing machine and started to create. If a child wanted a costume, she was only going to make it once and didn’t want to go back to make endless repairs. She wanted to have costumes that were good quality – costumes that would last from the first to the last child as this would save money, even if the initial cost was slightly more when first purchased and costumes that were personalised.

Soon friends started to ask the mother to make special items for their children as they too wanted to be different from the stock standard available in the large department stores, they wanted to have items that would endure kids play. 

Word got out and soon friends of friends heard about the amazing costumes being made and more children got to enjoy great imaginary play. 

Imagine for kids was born – the fifth child in the family. Mum is very proud of the products that are produced and really enjoys challenges and requests coming from far and wide, and her children still are asking for new and different costumes.

And through this journey of discovering and creating, Mum has learnt that imagination truly has no boundaries.

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