Deluxe Snuggle Tails


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Snuggle up inside with a mermaid, unicorn or dinosaur when it is cold and wet outside.



It is cold and wet outside.

But inside it is nice and warm with a high chance of mermaids, unicorns and dinosaurs.

Imagine for Kids creates beautiful deluxe snuggle tails.

Snuggle tails come in a huge range of colours and colour combinations.

Tails are approx. 145cm long x 90cm wide

Additional information

Weight .700 kg
Snuggle Tails Themes

Dinosaur/Dragon Black, Dinosaur/Dragon Blue, Dinosaur/Dragon Green, Dinosaur/Dragon Grey, Dinosaur/Dragon Orange, Dinosaur/Dragon Red, Mermaid Blue, Mermaid Pink, Mermaid Purple, Mermaid Purple & Pink, Mermaid Rainbow Bright, Mermaid Rainbow Pastel, Mermaid White w/ Pink/Purple Accents, Mermaid White w/ Snowflake Accents, Unicorn Pink/Purple, Unicorn Rainbow


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